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Second Amendment Products

Second Amendment Apparel

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My Patriot Stuff – Wear Your Voice and Don’t Be Silent!

Being patriotic and wearing the colors of America shows only that you love to wear the colors of the US. True Patriotism means not just wearing an American Flag on a shirt on the 4th of July. True patriotism means that you not only love these United States but you also believe that the Bill of Rights outlines specific tenants of our inalienable rights given to us by God our Creator and that Liberty is Equal to True Freedom. That our ability to speak our minds out loud in all forms of communication, cannot be silenced and that right is protected along with the right of self-preservation till natural death does separate us from this earthly dwelling, by arms that disperse seeds of freedom where they are aimed. Yes, a patriot is sometimes someone who has fought for this country but it is more so the person who will fight for this great nation to preserve it for future generations whether or not they have fought on foreign soil.

My Patriot Stuff aims to produce clothing that patriotic America loving people will wear with pride, and sometimes make others chuckle at their wackiness.

“Nathan Hale was a true patriot; he said that his only regret was that he had but one life to give for his country.”

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My Patriot Stuff Stickers Hats Shirts

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