Don’t New York My Florida Classic Holographic Stickers


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4"x4" Holographic Stickers with our Classic Retro Don't New York My Florida Design.

Hey New York and New Jersey People! Leave the socialist tendencies at your state line and fully adopt our happy conservative way of life! No state income tax, no lockdowns, and no crazy out of control spending. Most importantly, no governor touching every woman he gets near.

These Don't New York My Florida Classic Holographic Stickers

are incredibly innovative and produced with durability in mind as with our entire line of holographic foil decals. All our decals these are all scratch and fade resistant! All our decals come with a UV resistant durable (almost hammer proof) laminate, yes I said ALL of our holographic, glitter, chrome, and prismatic stickers! Go ahead and put one of our stickers on the back of your phone and toss it in your pocket with your keys. These wonโ€™t scratch!

We know that conservative decals need protection and this provides some that can't be beat.

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Don't new york my florida classic tee

Don't New York my Florida classic tee

Make New York Like Florida Tee

Make New York Like Florida Tee


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