Biden You’re Vote 4 Me Did That 20 Pack Pump Sticker


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Biden You're Vote 4 Me Did That 20 Pack Pump Sticker

You know the thing that's causing all the prices to skyrocket! Biden clearly has no grasp on supply side economics or economics in general. But hey what do you expect for a career politician who makes his living fleecing half the gullible American citizens who vote and react with their feelings. Or is that Feewewings?

Even though the president doesn't supposedly have direct control over the economy, we all know is horse puckey now because, with everyone in his administration and the Fed have done major damage to our economy.

Educate a lib every time you go the the gas pump, or the grocery store by casually sticking one of these fantastic 3x2 decals on whatever it is that Biden contributed to the price increase.

Printed on high quality 3m substrate with eco friendly inks that make these decals last for a long time.

Don't get arrested but have fun with them!


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