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Liberty or Death Gadsden Yellow Split Flag 42×36


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- Don't Tread on Me -

Liberty or Death Gadsden Flag

These are Double Sided Flags- Not Single Side Print Through.

The Original Grand Union Flag with the Union Jack in the Upper Left Field was Flown aboard one of the first ships in the United States Navy, the Alfred, on January 4th, 1776 making it the oldest recorded flag of the United States. It has been combined with the Yellow Rattlesnake Flag called the "Gadsden Flag" after the designer, Colonel Christopher Gadsden to produce an effective and nostalgic way of expressing your patriotic roots and feelings that Liberty Must Not Be Trampled Upon.

The "Grand Union Flag" (also known as the "Continental Colors", the "Congress Flag", the "Cambridge Flag", and the "First Navy Ensign") is considered to be the first national flag of the United States of America.

This flag is a unique size at 42" x 24"
Flags are printed with high quality eco-safe inks through our dye sublimation process. Whether you are flying your flag on a pole or simply hanging it in your room, we offer two types of finishing to accommodate your displaying needs. Please see below for details.

4 oz. Polyester flag material
High resolution digitally printed at 720 x 720
Dye sublimation
Scratch resistant
Optional Pole and Bracket:
The Flag Pole and Bracket Kit is perfect for those wishing to display their Custom Pole Flag. Buy the pole or the bracket separately, or as a set.

The bracket has two positions for displaying the pole.

The tangle-free pole has a top section that spins on ball bearings, this will increase the life of your flag. Also included are clips to secure the flag into place and a plastic ring for use with grommets. Recommended for 2x3 or 3x5 flags.

2 Piece - 74.5 Aluminum Pole with Chrome Ball
Powder coated white flag bracket

Additional information

Pole & Bracket or Flag Only

Flag, Pole & Bracket, Flag Only


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